Forgetting Things

The things he left

At her apartment

After they broke up

Should have been burnt.

But they were too big

To fit in the incinerator,

So abandoned things

Still littered her home.

That had been his way,

To leave some debris

In the lives and homes

He once passed through.

For him, it meant in time

They’d be associated

With the good old days,

As physical reminders.

Instead for her and others,

They became just clutter.

Meaning no more at present

Than she remembered of him.

What hadn’t yet been discarded

Had served its purpose for her.

And she couldn’t bring them along,

Anymore than she could take him.

On the day of her yard sale

All his things sold out fast,

Since they were fairly priced

Off her current value of him.

She decided not to tell him

Plus they didn’t talk anymore,

So he could keep on thinking

He’d left memories with her.

Her life was different, 

She moved house and on.

Forgetting completely about him

And the things he’d left behind.
Ria 2016