Tea & Ties

His memory was never

Reliable or kind to him,

Especially since lately

After such intense stress.

There were real reasons

Why he could not recall

Many of those moments

That they had shared then.

Sometimes when alone,

He’d have strange flashbacks

Of arguments, and anger,

And feeling somewhat broken. 

Steaming lemon grass tea

Waiting on the patio table,

Was their old morning ritual 

He still practiced by himself.

Sipping from the cup,

While making a list again

Of what was to be done

Before he totally forgot.

There was the interview

Set for tomorrow afternoon.

Just a mere formality,

But he needed a necktie.

A few nights ago, startled

Awake from his sleep,

He was breathless, and sweating 

And sure he’d smell her perfume.

She’d been gone for months.

And every day since then

Was immersed in activities

To supress thoughts of her.

Refusing to think of her

Or even a memory of them,

Until her aroma awaked him,

He’d forgotten her face.

Now lost staring at the list,

He decided on a striped tie,

But it had to be a clip on

He wasn’t good with knots.

A few more sips of warm tea,

Closing his eyes, he sighed,

He was ready, he’d moved on,

And couldn’t remember her smile.
Ria 2016