A Wider Scope

It didn’t matter to him

If this was another gamble,

Being sure he had more

Than just a fair chance.

Anything left to lose

Might as well be taken.

More prized possession

Had all been long lost.

This could become

A very beneficial venture,

And he didn’t mind the risk,

Considering its rewards.

The slim possibility exists

That it end in disaster,

Or great things could begin

From here going forward.

Playing it safe all along

Did have its advantages,

As well as its limitations

Which he knew all about .

When time again bought him

To this part of the cycle,

He’d have a wider scope

On how it would turn out.

Having been preparing

A lifetime for this moment,

When the energy infected him

He could almost taste the win.

Getting back in the game

Had been the hardest part,

But things were lining up

As needed since then. 

Vital at this point

Was finding the courage

When again at the cross road,

To stick to the revised plan.

Since now on the cusp

Of potentiality rewarding

Perseverance with the elixr

That can define a man.
Ria 2016