Any Imaginable Hunger

They drifted into a conversation,

That she immediately felt

Would be pivotal for her mainly.

He never had a clear understanding

Of the link between some things

That she considered fundamental. 

The way he had always seen it,

Age and accomplishments for one,

Was no measure of development.

Since as was clearly evident,

There where certain ocurrences

Which couldn’t be controlled.

Like outcome, death, and desires,

And what other people choose

Regardless of how it affects you.

She said that certain things

Must be put in place as guides,

Towards favorable probabilities.

This was even more confusing,

So he changed the topic abruptly

To the dinner she was not having.

Everything was organized neatly

Across her untouched plate,

Which she had been starring at.

Responding to his inquiry,

She said she’d lost her appetite

For everything in front of her.

He could speculate if he wanted,

But her calculations were based

On limited child bearing years. 

And even if he felt he had time,

The impatience in her was more

Than any imaginable hunger.

Exhausted from frustration, 

But finally assured of the end

Which this was for them.

If hopelessness was contagious,

He wouldn’t have infected her

Before she got a chance to go. 

Ria 2016