Each Passive Exchange

They would meet often,

Always making the time

For long savory conversations,

Never wanting them to end.

Since it often had them

Moving through topics,

Which stemed from others,

Branching off interestingly.

Eveytime they met

It was a similar thing,

And could take us hours

To come to no conclusion. 

There were many agreements,

More than there was learning

Neither wanting to be the source

Of less than positive arguments.

That is why months passed.

And the silence was surely

A tell tale sign that things

Had changed significantly.

And with how it all ended

So painfully abrupt.

Not a sound from the other

Only bothered one of them.

The other was unperturbed,

Having now had enough

Of the cloying sweetness 

That filled their regular talks.

Needing more controversy

And new avenues to argue,

Where a stance was taken

And an invisible line is drawn.

While temporal fixations

Stained by mercurial opinions,

Burn egos like flaming gasoline,

Unlike with their chit chat.

There was nothing there

To ignite that between them

In each passive exchange

That had pushed them apart.
Ria 2016