A Place In This Life

Apparently having the desire

To live near naked in the forrest,

And be attuned with nature,

Are signs of maladjustment.

She didn’t mind the labels,

Since she wouldn’t hear them

When she arrived at the place

Far away where she was going.

As far as she knew,

Human kind was progressing

Into a particularly odd direction,

And she would rather not.

If she ever got word while out there

That the archaic expensive dependency 

On fossil fuels as a source of energy

Came to an end, she’d come back.

It wasn’t about the conspiracy 

To dumb down, or exterminate,

Incarcerate, or miseducate,

Why she knew she had to go.

Knowing she’d learn new ways

To communicate, really meant

She would not miss the limitations

Of all the modern technology.

The place she had planned on

Had been etched in her memory,

But she never told the others

Since they always psychoanalyse.

It was one of them who told her

That some naturalist go too far,

And endangered themselves

Which was bordering madness.

The thought of a radical naturalist

Going back to the survival basics,

Didn’t sound like anarchy to her

If it meant finding what was sought.

She knew the significance

Of practices long abandoned,

Which saw us living in peace

Not seeking it in eternal rest.

Considering her plan again,

She couldn’t help but wonder

About the others like her,

Since there must’ve been others.

Who, to escape the mental poisoning

Disregarded the psycho babble,

To find a place in this life

And live their harmless truth in peace.
Ria 2016