Of What Was

It’s easy to loose track

And totally miss out 

When not being attentive. 

Just as much as you have,

Other people will change,

Since time does that.

Moments pass by quickly,

With varied experiences

Of which you had no clue.

But had drawn conclusions

From haphazard bits of data,

And they never did add up.

So there was no clear picture

Of all that has occurred

After the distance increased.

It takes making an effort,

And being more determined

To maintain a connection.

If you do have the intention

Of enjoying something lasting,

Then you have to put the work in.

Just like such other things,

It must be constantly renewed

Or will be forever lost.

Love withers and dies,

When the choices you make

Aren’t conducive to its growth.

And relations will flitter away

Into the quickly coming future,

With no sign of what was.
Ria 2016