Greener Pastures

Grazing in the evening

Was a rather sad affair

After the bull returned.

He had been rented out

To a neighboring farm

For their annual breeding. 

The whole herd was shocked

To learn what would happen

In the end to each of them.

Most simply in disbelief

That things had taken

Such a turn for the farmer.

He was selling out,

Lock, stock and barrel

To a big corporation.

And they would be sent,

Packed tightly on trucks 

To distant factory farms.

What the bull did learn

While away for two weeks

Was unimaginable horror.

Where calfs were separated

From the milk of their mothers,

To be fed with mechanized bottles.

And heifers were consistently

Kept breeding to provide

Milk for human consumption.

The bulls used for breeding

Were slaughtered like all others

Becoming beef and its byproducts.

Each member of the herd

Could barely imagine

That such a hell existed.

That evening in the pasture,

An old heifer comforted the calfs

With a more pleasant story.  

Reminding just to calm them,

Of places where they were revered

And held in the highest esteem.

And that greener pastures

Still existed in distant places,

Where bovine were respected.

Such a heaven was beyond

Most of their wildest dreams,

As they walked back to the barn.

Heading to their stalls that night,

Each a little apprehensive,

Anxiety hung in the silence.

A young calf said to her mother,

‘We were living on this farm so well

Life seemed so sweet to me,

Now I learn we’ve only been

In the service of confused men

Who create our heaven and hell.’

‘Go to sleep’, her mother said,

Stung by the simple truth,

Annoyed, and afraid to accept it.
Ria 2016