The Unequal Yoke

He needed to do this.

It had been too long now

That he had set aside

Such things just for her.

If she’d just listen,

Just waited outside

Like he asked her to

Instead of barging in.

She threw up in the sink,

On smelling the smoke,

When she entered the kitchen

Then washed her mouth and left.

The sacrifice was never

Meant to be witnessed,

But he needed to explain

Even if she didn’t get it.

These things were private

For the very reason

That their many differences

Were more than cultural.

After she’d gone he waited

Until he had completed

Performing all the rituals

To find her and talk.

She answered his call,

And positively responded

When he asked to meet her

Before work in the morning.

Having now cleared away

All the relevant sacraments,

He left his shrine in tack

Suddenly tired of hiding it.

It was for his ancestors.

And they were not pleased

With being kept a secret

As it was only to appeas her.

He lay awake thinking,

Of six months having past

With him pushing aside

His spiritual practices.

And how much he missed

Connecting with the activities,

Which was the soul food

He’d been hungering for.

The relationship was over,

He knew what she’d seen

And she’d never see things

The same old way again.

Maybe it was a decision

Made unconsciously by him

Leaving the front door unlocked,

Of by her with just entering.

Her traditional religious beliefs

Made the sight of his ritual

Appear so incomprehensible,

He saw the disgust on her face.

When they met for breakfast

She ordered a coffee to go,

And said she just came

To let him know it was over.

He agreed and she left,

They never even sat down,

Thankful he’d known before

He came that it was finished.

The ancestors had answered

His questions about her love,

By removing the unequal yoke

He suspected from the start.
Ria 2016