How She Escaped Him

One swift swing

Of the razor sharp machete,

And nothing happens,

He had missed the mark.

Before he could

Lift the weapon again,

The bamboo pole 

Made contact with his back.

Being so dizzy and weak,

The cutlass fell from his hand

As his knees buckled,

He was left in the dust.

She stood shinning in sweat,

Waiting deliberately calm 

Just outside of his line of sight,

For any threat from him.

Had he been sober,

She would have been

The one kneeling in pain,

But she had druged him.

And would be long gone

Before he came around

To realize what happened

For her to leave him at last.

She knew he’d hunt her 

For years to come at least,

And he would never find

Even a trace left behind.

He never loved her,

She had the scars as proof.

Worst, how she escaped him

Offended his possesive ways.

The pills that were crushed

And added to his beverage,

Had been the half secreted

From the doses he gave her.

Collected for a few days,

After the nightmare she had,

Turned out to be her real life

That she needed to awaken from.

He had not been her choice,

She was his obsession

Who he kept drugged 

And locked in a gold leash.

It was only minor vengeance

Since his life was intact,

But now that she roamed free

He must always watch his back.
Ria 2016