Where We End

What gave him away

Was the look in his eyes,

Any questions she had

Were answered by it.

She’d seen it before,

And learned with time

The magnitude of it

From it’s reoccurring.

He tried to convince her

During the earlier years

That she was wrong

About what she’d seen.

But she knew it today,

Just like back then

When troubles came up

And he was the cause.

Being able now to see

Before anything was said,

And knowing instantly

She needed no details.

How many times since,

Had it ended with her

Again finding forgiveness

For their unions sake.

Engaged 3 years today

But never did set a date,

Only committed to continue

To absolve his guilt.

This was the last time

He would insist that she

See the shame in his eyes

And be his source of relief.

She’d given him chances,

And made more compromises

Than he honestly deserved

One too many times this time.

If only he could read from hers

Like she did in his eyes,

How he had pricked her heart

Full of holes from deceit.

The note she left read,

“I cannot forgive you again,

Or love away your guilt

So this is where we end”.
Ria 2016