An Unexpected Adventure

Deep grunts came from him

Between shallow breaths,

Until the wave of pain passed

And he could speak again.

He was trying not to cough,

Squeezing his eyes shut.

She stepped closer to him

Holding his hand in hers.

Coming to her senses,

She handed him the water

Waiting on his nightstand

And he had a few sips.

His wife had found a nurse

For twenty four hour care,

Since neither her or their boys

Wanted the responsibility.

It was time for his medication,

So she went for the tray

Kept on the bathroom counter

Down the hall from his room.

The pain came back

And he was moaning again,

While she walked away

To fetch what was needed.

She quickly returned to him

Now in another fit of coughing,

So she rubbed his back

And propped him up a bit.

With a shaky voice he asked her

If she would help him end it,

And leave behind the agony

Which held him prisoner so long.

She asked him if he would come

Away with her instead, to see

If an unexpected adventure

Might just be the right remedy.

Packing two small bags

They were on that evening’s flight,

Leaving most of the medication

But brought shorts and sun tan oil.

Nine weeks of green coconut water,

Beach, live foods, and cannabis oil,

Deemed all the drugs and pain

A thing of the past at long last.

There was no more pain in him,

He left it and so much behind,

And the thought of euthanasia

Never re entered his mind.

He found some island healing,

Learned the art of relaxation,

And understood what it was

To enjoy life once again.

Returning to his city home

He settled all accounts, and left

His now ex wife, and returned

To the love that saved his life. 

Ria 2016