Last Night’s Events

Hiding his fright,

He lay on his side

With his back to the wall

As they spoke in low tones.

The other two agreed

It was just for the night,

Or until it felt safe

For anyone to leave.

It was pitch black

Just inside the entrance,

And without a dry match

None could start a fire.

They were quiet,

All listening keenly

For any possible sound

To signal their pursuers.

Their dialated pupils

Started slowly adjusting,

To barely differenciate

Edges and other shapes.

It was cool and damp,

And all three fell asleep

To the distant sound 

Of running water.

Awake before day break,

He found a shallow pool

Where water had gathered

Not far from where he’d slept.

He drank to quench his thirst,

The water was cool and sweet.

Refreshed, he rejoined the others

Both still soundly sleeping.

Before last nights events,

He had never felt such fear

As they ran through the woods

And up the mountain side.

Had it not been for hiding

In the designated safe place,

They would have been caught

And nothing could be worst.

He looked at the frail bodies

Sleeping in the shadows,

And shivered to imagine 

Them mangled from torture.

They must all soon leave,

Thought daylight meant

Being extra vigilant

Under the circumstances.

The war would not last,

He had no news of the coup,

And had kept his oath

Protecting the heirs to the crown.

He woke them carefully,

They both drank sweet water

From where he found it

Before he began to explain.

Now they must wait

Until he got the message

Of when it was safe

And where to go.

Then his eyes get dim,

And his head begins to spin,

Finding himself in his own bed

Waking up once again.

He’d dreamt this before,

But on waking today he knew

That by dusk fell this evening 

His nightmare would be true.

Ria 2016