One Friendly Chat

She had been there,

Right by his side

Quiet the entire time,

Watching him sleep.

But left just before

His wife had come,

To avoid the drama

Of meeting her there.

The doctor had said

That surgery went well

And he would be fine,

So she took his word.

Their times filled her mind

As she made it home,

Including their other issues

That remained unresolved.

Since they had first met 

In the local library,

When reaching for a book

Ended in laughter.

Then one friendly chat

Led to many others,

Until they absolutely craved

More than the conversations.

Laying now on her couch 

Alone thinking of how

Being with him was

Not what she wanted.

He had for a moment

Provided what she needed,

But fell light years short

Of filling her desires.

And she was tired

Of sacrificing her dreams

For a passing fancy,

Or such temporary things.

By the time she fell asleep

She’d resolved all their issues,

In coming to a conclusion

And ending their affair.
Ria 2016