Breakup Text

It’s after the break up text

That you read back and saw,

You always said hi first.

And you never understood 

The tone or body language 

Much from the emojis.

Now you know it’s serious

When you have to search 

Old messages for inspiration.

And nothing at all there

Even clicks with you,

So you stare at the screen.

Hoping that just maybe

A word, or image, or link

Sparks a little something.

That’s how you ended up

Logging into social sites

And getting stuck in scroll mode.

Connecting with people

Under the impression

Of their online persona.

Their photos tell stories

You can hardly imagine,

With sketchy details.

Is it that no device can

Replicate slight inflections

And complex expressions.

Or maybe just what you need

Is one more message or post

To read, make, send or receive.

Though there are nuances 

That cannot be translated 

Over high tech mediums.

When things end abruptly,

Disconnecting was always

One of your possible options.

Plus the best response

To the break up text

Is always block and delete.
Ria 2016