Ria By The Breadfruit Tree

My Honest Review

It’s been a year now
And my heart’s aged.

How much my words 

Have changed in tone

Rhythm, and meaning.

If I’d been in a class,

Instead of trying

To write poetry daily,

Im not so sure

I’d get good grades.

It’s been 12 months,

And I just busted out

Into some bawling

Seeing in review

Parts of me I missed.

We forget ourselves

Like I have till now,

Only to be jolted

Back into what it is

That we are about.

It’s been 52 weeks,

My turning tide has me

Crashing into awe,

And just bubbling

With deep gratitude.

How can I not 

Thank you right now

For reading my words,

When our interactions

Encourage my works.

It’s been 365 days,

And every word to date

Came from a place in me

I had long feared

Had forgotten its voice.

So much has gone

By without mention,

Of how in each era

We trade in exchanges,

And earn from experiences.
Ria 2016