The Living Left

The funeral was

More of a disaster

Than was expected

When they finally met.

They eventually went

Their seperate ways,

Each to sadly mourn

The best they knew how,

The loss for each

Was very different,

But the pain ran

As deeply in them both.

One at her church alter,

The other at her shrine,

Each weeping quietly

To their own divine.

Asking the questions

Only a deity can answer,

Listening and hoping

To get a response.

Both doing the rituals

For the safe transition

Of love in the afterlife,

And into life after death.

The man who died

Had loved them both

At different intervals

Of his complicated life.

His passing brought them

Together without him,

As death often will do

With the living left behind.

Candles and incense

Burned for their love of him,

Which was equally as intense

As their hate for each other.

They had known all along

That he never could choose,

And had made death decide

The extent of his duplicity.

Ria 2016