Her Equator

After the spring equinox,

Things started to take shape

On her path to reconstruction.

It was more this time,

Than the usual half way

Which left her nowhere.

There was no heartbreak

In their breakup, but still

It broke down other things.

And she had to dig deep

Into what remained

Of her depleted vitality.

By the summer solstice

Renewal was in her hemisphere,

The form of it was showing.

It was so very delicate,

Refined, intricate, strong, and

Obviously carved into eternity.

But only began really bulging

Sometime between today,

And the last autumn equinox.

During those darker days,

Her side of the equator

Had longed for better light. 

It took a few failed attempts,

Before connecting back into

The grounding of herself.

Pregnant again with ideas,

And grateful that in his absence

He could no longer abort them.

Her future would be born

As she was prepared to push

What life produced of her.

It marked the final start

On a more solid foundation

Of love and consistency.

The next time the sun,

Crosses her equator again

She’ll be nurturing newness.

Ria 2016