What Better Must Come

Just in time again

The urge had returned

But this turn around

Was more forceful.

Accusting her mind

Saturating it with preparation

From lessons and interactions,

And other such experiences.

The pangs of anxiety

Served their purpose,

But her drive was stronger

Than any fears that came.

Her heart pounding,

Beating loud resilience,

Pushing her into

What better must come.

She had a feeling,

That routed its way

Through her creativity

Into heights unforeseen.

Only as she imagined them,

Had they ever taken form

And come into being,

In very exact replicas.

The last few weeks activities

Had not been new for her,

With making adjustments

And lists, and more effort.

And just when needed,

Her resolve had come

To see where most likely

Perseverance would take her.

Ria 2016