He lost all patience,

And they were shocked

To find him here laughing

And crying at the same time.

The words they shouted

Floated towards him,

But never fully made it

To his ears in the noise.

Sitting in that corner,

On what turned out

His last morning free,

He began to scream.

The firm hands held

Tight to his arms.

And he did not fight

While they led him away.

Later at the facility

He was heavily sedated,

And strapped to a bed

For his own safety.

For two straight weeks

His mind was in a haze,

Dozing half of the time

And not recalling the other.

The third week there

They reduced the drugs,

Allowing him a few

Moments of lucidity.

To begin week four

He was interviewed

In order to determine

Reasons for his breakdown.

He was prepared to answer

Any of the many questions

They had listed to ask him

With utmost honesty.

Knowing that they probably

Would never comprehend

The truth behind his reasons,

Or his need for relief.

Which was not due to

Simply losing his mind,

But from feeling hopeless,

And helpless at that time.

He had lost his patience

Along with some restraint,

But never expected them

To overreact this way.
Ria 2016