On Record

Maybe our best times

Where the prehistoric,

Before we humans thought

Things should be recorded.

To hazard a guess, let’s say

Loosely that it seemed then,

We were most engaged,

Grounded, and centered in life.

Adapting as a specie

Internally and externally,

To improve the experience

With mind and matter.

Though long before us

At present could trace back,

Something went arry

Shifting the paradigm.

And all our attention now

Moves under manipulation,

In a swarm behaviour

With its own consequences.

Interesting to observe,

Are the basic methods used

To play on the meanings

That continue to change.

Maybe our worst times

Are now on record,

As the utter mindlessness

That prevails in our discontent.

Since we cease to adapt,

But are quick to accept

Not having any interest

In creating solutions.

Now all that we seek

Is for the experience

To boast an improved us,

Serving no other purpose.

The greatest possibility

Is that these are just our times,

And what survives them

Will outlast all records.
Ria 2016