Where Newness Grows
Then, the sound of things

Falling away from my life,

Snapped and broke off

Loud with long echoes.

Before it happened,

The air crackled for days,

And the hairs on my neck

Seem always on end.

The time was tense

But anchored in readiness,

While anxiety drifted

Skyward in a red baloon.

Ties encrusted with debris

Could create dead weight,

But not hold me in place

Without a fight from me.

The break felt clean,

That was a year ago today,

Bindings loosened since

No frayed ends floating free.

Now things have settled

Into their own replenishment

Engendering fertile places

Where newness grows.

Interlaced into evolved ideas,

With very little resemblance

Of those things from which

I was severed back then.
Ria 2016