The Rum
She had only left

A shelf of dark rum

They had collected,

So he turned to it.

Having more than a few drinks,

Each one pushing him away

Slowly, farther from the memories

He kept having of her before. 

‘She was everything’,

He kept saying aloud

Until the words came

Out strangely slurred.

The rum did help,

Aiding him to sleep

And dream of nothing

While getting no rest.

When he didn’t drink,

Not even a fitful sleep

Would rescue him

From thinking of her.

And all they shared

That now couldn’t be,

Filled him with regret

And a sense of sadness.

Together they were

Beautiful as a pair

Of wings on love

Soaring before landing.

Now where he’d fallen,

Was into a rough tumble

Alone and aching, again

Trying to numb it all.

The rum kept the thoughts

Of her smiles and selflessness

From soberly parading ahead

Of his guilt and shame.

It only made sense to him,

Since she destroyed his heart,

To endure the agony alone

In an intoxicated blur at home.

But he knew he’d hurt her,

And that he lost everything

And was left with nothing

When she saved herself from him.

He had poisoned her innocence,

Now in complete absence

She administered it back to him

As a chaser to his rum.

Before her spirit was broken,

Having cracked in places,

She left him to his own device

And a spirit that would break him.
Ria 2016