While They Wither
Everyday mundane things

Ran through her mind,

Like to-do, and grocery lists,

And children’s outfits.

Regular chores were done

Without much thought,

Turning the habitual nature

That domesticates creatures.

Laundry, ironing, cooking,

Cleaning, and such things

Dominated her time daily,

Considering of herself rarely.

Whenever she recollected

What she abandoned

With her own deep desires,

Tears stung her eyes.

Neglecting her dreams

For more ugent issues,

Pushing them aside

In an effort to survive.

After a while they wither,

Shrinking like all things

That must be nourished

In order to flourish.

She could feel the space

Her fledging aspirations

Where causing inside,

Getting larger over time.

And decided hurriedly

To bridge the gap,

Before the emptiness

Had her entirety possessed.

Ria 2016