The Limit
It had gone too far,

And when it was

Totally out of control

It was way too late.

They would always argue

After feeling disrespected,

Saying the vilest things

When berating each other.

He could not tolerate

The way she would

Disregard all pretenses

While burning with anger.

There were no words,

Or room to descend

Further into, or beyond

The depths they sank.

When he released her

From the vice grip

Of his hands on her neck,

She fell to the ground.

Curled up down there,

Hugging her knees tight

Staring into space,

Silence filled the air.

He would have killed her,

But could not stand

Her blood on his hands

Or the aftermath of that.

This was the limit,

And crossing over it

Would include sacrificing

Life and liberty all at once.

She lay on the floor,

Thinking of every single

Compromise she’d made

To be strangled this way.

There were no words,

Or tears, or fight left.

Only just enough time

For complete seperation.
Ria 2016