The Other One Third

She wanted another one,

And visualized often

How she had dreamed

The next time would be.

When having her first,

Was the single most lonely

Period ever experienced

In her entire existence.

Never having felt so alone,

Bearing two thirds of what

Felt so totally incomplete

Without the co creator.

She’d fully accepted,

That nothing short of

Joyful anticipation, and

Loving preparation would do.

And being that one thing

She looked forward to,

Was the other one third

Present and participating.

She was devastated

Thinking of all the wasted

Effort, time, and energy

On making what couldn’t be.

Holding no grudges

Or bitterness she moved on,

Knowing the limitations

Of biological clocks.

Never stopping to ask,

Why he who had forever

Chose to steal from her

Few of her fleeting moments.

Wasting them on promises

He could have never kept,

Giving her only hopelessness

In small doses of disappointment.

She wanted another one,

But decided to be patient

This time with her dreams

So fragile to conceive.
Ria 2016