Droughts End


Parched and cracked,

While the wind blew

Dust and flecks away,

Day after long hot day.

At the height of it,

Heat would rise up

Swirling at the surface,

Where gasses gleamed.

And every ounce of fluid

Had since evaporated

In the many months

That had slowly past.

When the night came

The temperature fell,

Replacing the heat

With biting cold.

Until dawn returned

Growing warm quickly,

And by noon was scorching

From the very intense heat.

One evening at dusk

The skies began to crackle,

While lightening stuck

At mountains in the distance.

Crisp cool sharp air

Filled the atmosphere,

Now damp with moisture

From the apparent convection.

The first few drops of rain,

Cause steam to hiss

While rising in streams

From the arid surface.

Falling harder and harder,

Torrents poured down

Soaking every dry spot

To complete saturation.

When droughts end,

Some sort of satisfaction

Comes in the inundation,

After patiently waiting.
Ria 2016