Their Grey Areas

He walked slowly

Down the driveway,

Away from the insults

She threw at him.

Not wanting to argue,

He went out the gate

To escape the venom

Of her angry words.

He had tried his best

To reason with her,

And remain calm

So she too could relax.

That became futile

When almost enraged,

She absolutely refused

To hear him out.

He had concluded,

That it was better

If she found a man

Who suited her more.

Since after two years,

So many things with them

Still didn’t blend well,

And clearly never would.

He had been unsure,

But was encouraged

By her blind enthusiasm

To ignore their differences.

Though he still yearned

To feel the assurance

Of being equally yoked

With a better truth.

Having tasted only

A rather small serving

Of a most savory delight

That captivated him.

Reminding of what

Core concepts for him

Had been brushed aside,

While being tolerant of her.

Knowing he’d settled

For her and her offer,

Choosing to be secure

And ignore a few ideals.

She knew he lost interest

And had seemed distracted,

But did not really grasp

Outside their grey areas.

Watching him walk out

Away from her bitter words,

She never expected it

Or how it had ended.

He felt bad for her,

When he was not lost

In whom he had found

To be worth that sacrifice.
Ria 2016