Speculation & Intuition

Things are just as you imagine
Until you get to know otherwise,
Whatever came to mind first
Is only a momentary place holder.

And if you’ve ever been prone
To what-if-ing and supposing,
Then those initial minutes
Become your shinning time.

Where all sorts of things
Rampage through your mind,
In spectacular sinarios
Successively more improbable.

Unless of course, maybe
Nothing had been imagined,
And things were as they were
But remained an unknown.

Accepted as a mystery,
Beyond the limitations
Of your scope of knowledge,
Without any reservation.

And by remaining neutral,
Is not the least perturbed
By any possible implications
Of whatever may result.

Imagined things aside,
Best be assured by intuition
Above all other sources
For the most effective response.

Never has it been wrong,
But first it must be trused,
And exercised often
Strengthening it like a muscle.

Whatever forms of deduction
You come by through speculating,
Remains only secondary
To the certainties of intuition.

Ria 2016