Mental Regulation

Nothing gels together,
Each on its own,
Proceeding at random
In jumbled disorder.

Hopping over each other,
Never a single moment
Totally free of activity
Or at all unchanging.

Half of the dialog
From imagined chats
Never to occur elsewhere,
Often takes place here.

Easily dominated
To drift aimlessly,
Until somehow shifted
Into new paradigms.

Then all that passes
Does so in context
Of maintaining focus,
And quality, and order.

Giving new meaning
To nurturing the nature
Of what’s planted deep,
By thoughts into intention.

Where the broad scatter
Naturally comes together,
Taking shape in activities
Reinforced by willingness.

It may be controlled,
When subject to regulation
Of proper self discipline
In living personal truths

Along this mental journey
To not lead means being led.
Minds must govern themselves
Or they will be manipulated.

Ria 2016