The Silent Escape

Every item she needed
Fit into her old backpack,
None of what couldn’t fit
Would be brought anyway.

She’d made loose plans
Around the steps to be taken
In running away quietly
With only the bare essentials.

And thought there would be
Much less apprehension,
When the distance grew
Between the past and her.

It would take some time,
And energy, and effort,
And honesty moving forward
Even with her preparation.

Plus she was bringing along
Only fundamental items,
Purposely not including
Counter productive opinions.

While planning her exit
From the constant pressure,
She created an entrance
Into better days to come.

Before all joy faded from her
Like it had began in her sad eyes,
With their apparent lackluster
Evidently needing some reviving.

Hence the silent escape,
With her prepacked resilience,
To provide the best rejuvenation
Which is just what she needed.

Ria 2016