Bodies Turned Traitors

His coarse fingers
Rubbed her back
In long strokes
Down her spine.

It was getting late,
And dinner was ready inside,
They sat on the front steps
Watching another sunset.

There was no conversation
About what lay ahead,
He saw that she was tired
But willing as always to try.

Since there’d been many
Attempts to create a way
To accommodate fully
Their more fragile state.

There were so many lapses
Of memory, and black outs,
And disorientation, now
She needed him constantly.

Together they had faced
Poverty, struggle, defeat,
Reuilding, survival and success,
But nothing as hard as this.

Now that old age had come,
Their bodies turned traitors,
Deceiving all their efforts
To maintain good health.

Long life meant confronting
Malfunctioning defective genes,
That breaks fundamental things
Like minds, and hearts, and lives.

Now in their golden years,
Nothing past could’ve stopped
The deteriorating of her mind
And the trembling in him.

At sundown they went inside
Ending another good day,
Where she recognized him
And his tremors subsided.

The years took a terrible toll
On his physical abilities
And affected her mental faculties
Yet nothing superseded their love.

Ria 2016