Blossoms Of Perfection

It is too much to ask,
And even without
Ever saying in depth,
We still do anyway.

If that is all we seek,
Then it will take everything
For which there is never
Sufficient for satisfaction.

We determine solely
How much or little
Of it we might find
In a given moment

Expecting it in places
Where we would not
Have thought to store it
Safely for ourselves

Demanding it from some
Who in trying their best
Continuously falls short
Of such high ideals

When we finally realize
That we ultimately decide
Every time we choose
Even if remaining neutral

Things being as they are
We rarely stop to see
When it is manifested
As it was meant to be.

In it’s few fleeting moments
There is time enough to savor
Any blossom of perfection
We are fortunate to grasp.

Ria 2016

Written in response to the Daily Post prompt – Perfection