Toy Tea Cups

I saw her enter this life,
Cut the umbilical cord
And held her delicately
In the crook of my arms,
Against my pounding chest.

She was so very small.
Her hands,  and fingers,

Feet, toes, ears, and nose.
But her eyes were special
Locking first with mine

It was me in a trance
Who cleaned her skin,
Wrapping her in a blanket
And gave mother a chance
To feed her in privacy.

Never would I have dreamt,
After the magic of birth,
Of the many changes
That came along with her,
By way of her development.

The whole time she knew
She had my heart in her hand.
To become old and fragile
While she got big and strong,
But she was always gentle,

There are inexplicable joys
From our every interaction.
Being my responsibility,
She’s made a man of me
Who’s become a good example.

Everyday was our day
But father’s day was best.
From toy tea cups and cookies,
To endless tickles and laughter
Each celebrated as a gift.

We will be meeting later
To have a light supper
And reassure each other
Although much has changed
She’ll always be my lovely baby.

Ria 2016