A Rehashed Priority

She had been
Downright negligent
With some things that
To her really mattered.

Mental, physical,
Emotional, financial,

And spiritual health,
Much self abandonment.

Being downtrodden,
Fear filled, and forlorn,
Almost overwhelmed,
And helplessly haunted.

Finding secure footing,
Dreams turning reality,
Reasons to smile,
And loving herself better.

Losing track eventually,
After 16 years of fixing
Things that got broken
In and by others from her past.

Her own well being
Was a rehashed priority,
Which only just came
With her recent realizations.

That having set aside
The vision for her future,
So many other distractions
Had naturally followed.

It was challenging
To revamp her desires,
Under the strains of change
Yet  finding balance.

And harder still,
To admit honestly
That a better approach
Was what her life needed,

It took some diligence
Being attentive, mindful,
Accurate, and observant
For general progress.

So please be patient
If she seems preoccupied,
Sometimes it becomes necessary
To be a little selfish to survive.

Ria 2016