Lives In Unison

They had been afraid
To even want these things,
Before their real togetherness
Became a tangible possibility.

It was her habit to be cautious
And he took care not to rush,

Giving time a chance
With its complex replenishmnent.

Nothing broken needed mending,
But realignment took more
Than fluttering to new blooming
Before sweetness is created.

Every ounce of apprehension
Was scrubbed clear away
By the abrasive side of love,
Right down to pure desires.

More than being exposed,
Their all would be layed bare,
At the mercy of good judgement
And the best decision.

They wanted the details,
And each pecularity that fell
Into its rightful place
Pin pointed some permanence.

Since opening to his offer
More had come into view,
After both evidently moved on
Into making better connections.

The universe had conspired
To purposely link them,
With hearts and lives in unison
Now that their time had came. 

Ria 2016