Connecting Probabilities

After that final sunset apart
No reigns restrained them.
When their last night fell
Into new promises made,
It was all already aligned.

Their destiny had collided
While evading other darkness.

And the edges of them
Meld together precisely
In the full moon light.

This timely occurance
Gave rise to reasoning,
That connected deeply
With sensual probabilities
In both of them.

On other such occasions
They had been evasive,
Missing the opportunity
Before dusk could fall,
But not this evening.

It was a full moons tide
That swept them away
With the beautiful artistry,
Into their seamlessly
Complementary union.

There inside the pledge
Holding them both together,
Each bound by the honor
Of the highest esteem
They had for each other.

Their passions never wavered
Or wanned with the moon,
Regardless of the borders
Over which it led them
Never to part.

Every dawn would see
How the night intensified
Their commitments made,
Both now much more
Trusting of love’s specifications.

Ria 2016