Creating What’s Consumed

The ways of the elders
Took more time,
Which at their leisure
Was consumed creatively.

Although the processes
Would always require
Consistent input of energy,
It was worth the result.

The good effort contributed
Was very labour intensive
Yet was in the final product,
As part of its contents.

Those ancient ways got buried,
Passed away with the old people
When no knowledge is transferred
To the generation coming.

Whatever activities involved
In creating what’s consumed,
Turn into outsourced procedures
Meant to save on time.

Denying them the chance
To learn the intricacies
Of how things are done,
And the methods involved.

The mechanized operations
Increase quantities produceded
Trading the human elements
For cold technology

All the handy gadgets
Replace hands-on ability,
Skill, and know-how,
With the touch of a screen.

Leaving one to wonder,
If all the knowledge lost
Can be replaced by consuming
Time saved for future use.

And if the mass quantities
Of waste that technology produces,
Weigh proportionately against
What creativity has become.

Ria 2016