Remembering Change

The scent of burning charcoal
Rising from fallen ashes,
Was filled with memories.

And the musk of firesides
Clung to pores in the skin,

More intensely in some areas.

Nothing was left to shed,
The layers of dust remaining
Were still warm from recalling.

Specks of dark dried dirt,
Had marked those moments
Of comforting remembering.

The smell of such things
Rose in wafts, like recollection
From every cell, into the air.

The rains washing was inevitable,
To make a clear and clean space
For becoming more accepting.

Since the buildup eventually
Hinders potential momentum,
Regained in the cleansing.

Under which rests the framework,
Secure, compact, and seperate
From facades time set ablaze.

Covered in a fine chalky powder
Turned to clay after facing the rain,
As other memorials commence.

Each sacrifice rehashed
In its unforgettable aroma,
Drifting from the cauldron of change.

Ria 2016