Finding Fresh Ears

When the new tenant
Started talking from day one
About all the precautions
He took in case he had to run,
That was a definite red flag.

He said it was the reason
Why he only brought a few
Items of property along.

Just a suitcase, a mattress,
And some kitchen utensils.

Initially, the much younger girl
Who he claimed was his daughter,
Moved out after the rumors began
That they were more than family
But not longer remained friends.

When the village addict
Does not wake up cussing
His mental outpatient girlfriend,
All his neighbors know
The higgler girlfriend is also home.

The usual morning tyrade
On his two illegitimate boys,
Is reduced to glaring and silence
From fear of irritating the higgler
Who won’t tolerate the noise.

Though having no issue
Spending a few cramped weeks
With cracked, crazy and company.
And the ongoing question of where
They find space for her 400 pounds.

When the old mans wife died
And her body flown from the USA,
Her daughters absence just then
Struck them all as odd
Until they learned of her incarceration.

When the shop owner migrated
And prepared to take his eldest girl,
The DNA test was a shock to him
Attesting he was not her father
But the villagers had always known.

When the fracas broke out
At the bar that hosted gambling,
Everyone suspected that
The man who left before daylight
Also fired the near deadly gunshots.

All that was shared above
Was overheard on my daily commute
From the rumor mills on public transport,
Finding fresh ears for old rubbish
Like I have done here with you.

Ria 2016