Flight & Escape

In one corner of his mind
Gathering mold and dust,
Was nestled the last of his hopes,
Developing slowly over time.

He wasn’t sure anymore
Of things he had been

Absolutely positive about
In their totality before.

There were methods used,
But none aerodynamic enough
For each floating desire
To be effectively  airborne.

This is how like mildew, doubt
Crept over his creativity,
In single particles outweighing
The scales of incomplete thoughts.

There were other crevasses
Compacted with history
His mind wished to erase,
Or fly from on so many varied levels.

In another corner, between secrets,
With arched back, and sprouted wings, kneeling,
To take spineless flight and escape fate
But could not complete the sequence.

All that mattered now was hatching
That hope he incubated beneath
The compost that accumulated
Above it over time in crusty layering

Ria 2016