Complex Situations

The butterfly kisses,
Landed on shoulders
Filled with tension
Burning across its blades,

There are passages,
Where no right of way
Precludes an entrance,
Yet they’re often traversed.

It was such a route
They had blindly taken,
Landing them both
Where they shouldn’t be.

Their interlinked fingers
Clenched in a plait,
Hung between them
And hot sweaty palms.

Within the moment,
Each stolen instance
Felt as if held suspended
On their borrowed time.

There is a tenderness
Which clouds around,
Solely to obscure
Any probable objections.

The locked stare,
Peered into anxious eyes,
Ignited by attraction
Incinerating any guilt.

Every steaming tryst
Was rather decadent,
Almost total filling
Their vacuum of secrecy.

During their togetherness,
Nothing outside their embrace
Needed to comprehend
Lovers complex situations.

Ria 2016