The Searching

He fell asleep in a shed
During one terrible storm,
Having no other shelter
Trying to keep himself warm.

It was to do for now,
Covered under old sacks
Laying on a dry bed
Made of concrete blocks.

Many days had past
Now he needed some rest,
Being warm and dry tonight
Would assure him of this.

He lay flat on his back,
Relaxed and starts to dream,
His eyes just barely closed
Running scene after scene.

His life flashes in still shots
Of triumphs and tragedies,
Not only special moments
To reflect on happily.

Deep in sleep he sighed
Restlessly and shifted.
Not even during slumber
Were his burdens lifted.

Before the morning came
He awoke to his predicament,
Which was his life right then
An unfortunate chain of events.

Though it pained him to go on
He crawled out of the shed,
Carring on in the damp air,
The road still dark ahead.

It was only a few months
Since the search had him lost,
But determined to find himself
At any apparently painful cost.

He realize that he had seen,
By the cold light of dawn,
Those ways of his in dreams
In the shed during the storm.

So much of himself to this point 
Had completely eluded him,
Now hungry for better memories
With no way of creating them.

There was no turning back time,
What is done, past and gone.
No opportunity to repair the damage
Left where he was running from.

Maybe in the searching
He would eventually find,
That the self he sought for so long
Laying dormant in his own mind.

Ria 2016