The Sun Rose

I’m sure that there are
People who sometimes
Get a break from the saga
And all runs smoothly.

But not so with me,
It’s more likely that
One problem ends
As another begins.

Which occasionally happens
To not run concurrently
With impatient troubles
That can’t wait their turn.

I can only think of a few
Of those peaceful moment
When all was well,
Without hell put on hold.

Why’s the big picture
Always a caricature,
Making my trials appear
Even more grotesque.

That’s one side of it,
The other part is really
How amazing it is daily
To make it through again.

No excuses accepted
When kept busy finding
One solution after another
To survive the quagmire.

Still thankful for my life,
Dotted with reasons
To enjoy and grow from
Each expansive experience.

And with all the practice,
And trial and error,
Perseverance is key
In enduring the long haul.

Yes the drama continues
But what I’ve been doing
Is being thankful to learn,
Survive, and tell the tale.

How could I be ungrateful,
And not make a sincere effort
When for me the sun rose,
With life giving me another day.

Ria 2016