Not Beyond Today

Going to take a walk
Provided enough distance
To come to the point,
Where what he was saying
Was a bit less offensive.

Clearly nothing further
Could be said on her part,
Since he knew it all
And used every chance
To prove that to her.

Which obviously was
The type of fallacy
That people get caught up in,
Proving to be less informed
Than they profess to be.

When he voiced his opinion,
This time something clicked
As she put on her favorite hat
To take a walk to the park,
But she didn’t think much of it.

In the mids of him talking
About his personal views,
She stops listening to him.
Her mind, silencing his voice,
Warns her to leave his space.

She head towards the door,
Glancing at him before going out.
His lips moved without sound,
Her pounding heart in her ear
Saying get out, get out, get out.

As she opened the door
Announcing going to take a walk,
He replies something about
How she always does that,
At the now closed door.

She walks away quickly
Heaving a deep sigh,
Thankful that she didn’t
Get into the argument
He was working towards.

What had clicked in her mind,
Is how going to take a walk
Was what had held at bay
An inevitable end for them so far,
But not beyond today.

Ria 2016