Such A Collision

No weather warnings,
Yet one of these fine days
He knew he’d crash
Right into himself.

He wished it occasionally,
Depending on the situation,

But never really grasped
The fulness of what it meant.

When he thought of it
A little chill shook him,
As he braced for the impact
He imagined would follow.

Every crisis he adjusted to,
And many joys as well
Held in it somewhere, the anxiety
That it could be the dreaded moment.

But it never happened
The way he had expected,
When finally befallen
By his own comeuppance.

Life had its ins and outs,
And smack in the middle
Of the eye of his storm
He found he faced himself.

Calm in the center
Of the awaited encounter,
Un cloaking the underside
Relevant to truth in him.

He confronted in nakedness,
What connected inside him
To the origins of his honesty
That before felt detached.

And was utterly amazed
That there was no resistance
Left within his ways to fear,
Or reason deter himself.

There was no smashed wreck,
And being brought to reckoning
Were inate dormant traits
Only such a collisions could revive.

Just outside his comfort zone
Was where he met himself,
Knocked down, still moving
And sure he’d be okay.

Ria 2016