Criminal Mentality

It’s really shadow boxing,
Hiding the pretending, of those
Who claim to be fighting
The monster crime’s become.

They keep chatching the creature
By the tail, and try as they may
To spin it the right way around,
Fail with each new startling attack.

Hunting for people of interest,
Masterminds, and most wanted,
While the same criminal behaviour
Is evident in the hunters.

Corruption so entrenched
It’s standard operating proceedure,
And only random media  coverage
Sparks a little conversation.

With every opportunity
The monster runs rampant,
Being bred and fed consistently
By degrees of mental desperation.

It edges out of being deceitful,
Fogging over transparency,
Where there were no hiding places
From accountability and honesty.

The disparities like caverns,
Stretched between greed
And a clear conscience,
Flooded with temptations.

There must come an era,
When with defragmented minds,
And highly augmemted thinking
This mentality is eradicated.

Ria 2016