No Right Time

There was no right time.
Everything that happened
Did so in its own moment,
And for him that was fine.

He didn’t really know
What could actually became
Of dreams, and well wishes,
And desires that could grow.

Instrumental was the key,
Which opened in him
Aspects of various options,
And leagues of possibilities.

Unlocking what is always
The multiple effects of the pact
Made with ancestors for aid,
To guide through life’s maze.

He had in his desperation
Called on a few by name,
In a moment of quandary
Seeking some rightful solutions.

They had gathered around
To cluster him within
The vigor of his abilities,
Like silence in his sounds.

Channeling the recovery,
Through which he finally could
Resuscitate what gasped in him,
With breaths of creativity.

There was no right time.
Everything that happened
Played its part in the awakening
Of his hibernating mind.

Ria 2016