Trail Of Pain

When the going got good
He forgot about the times
That the agony felt palpable,
After sewing his wild oats.

Hurting so many others
Though they lived lovingly now,
But it was a trail of pain
Coming to this better point.

It was from share embarrassment
That his wife had divorced him,

After learning about the two
Other women and daughters.

Hurting, she left him so that
He’d be free to be the local stud,
But she wouldn’t subject herself
To being the village idiot.

His first daughter’s mother
Didn’t inform him of the child,
Assigning her another father
Giving her that man’s last name.

Hurting in seclusion for nine years
Until the girl learnt of her biological father,
And promptly informed her step father
He had no authority over her.

She found him at nineteen,
He disarmed her with his charm,
They worked through the anger
And quickly formed a bond.

Hurting plagued the second daughter,
Making her lash out on life,
Since she considered herself another
Of his abandoned responsibilities.

Her mother was having trouble
With her rebelling as a teen,
And sought his intervention
But could not locate him.

Hurting a drunk friend’s feelings
At a bar, who then made a joke of him,
By commending the step fathers
That raised his daughters so well.

While probing some more,
He got some shocking information
About the lives of the two girls
He was not being a father to.

Hurting, he found his youngest daughter
And she was properly introduced
To the others, who were overjoyed
And welcomed her into the family.

The relationship they created
Was more than genes and similarities,
They cared and communicated everyday
Trying to make up for the lost time.

Hurting from old age pains,
He loved his four grown children,
Hoping each of their mothers
Could find forgiveness in her heart.

Now at this point unforeseen,
A generation beyond the pain,
That regenerated as loving family ties
Which won’t be severed again.

Ria 2016