The Look

It took many hard years
To build up her thick skin,
And as often as he tried
He could not penetrate it.

If her mind was more fragile,
He would have been successful

With his persistent efforts
For her to loose it completely.

There were many attempts
To break her very heart,
While trying to ensure
She too became heartless.

It was wearing him out
Trying to crush her spirit,
For her zest to subside
So he could relish in it.

He’d take regular jabs
At her high self esteem,
Being passive aggressive
Or rudely patronizing.

She watch him falling
Deeper into the pain
He tried to inflict on her,
That was consuming him.

For twenty eight years
With him under common law,
For eight doing her wifely duties
Then tolerating him for twenty more.

Lately she had glimpsed
What her mirror was reflecting,
And saw the look of disgust
On her face while observing him.

He was in the middle
Of one of his tirades,
That came more frequently
And unbearable these last days.

She was taken aback
By the look on her face just then,
It gave away everything
In a grimace of undiluted repulsion.

It was never more clear,
Since both their children left home
Having grown and gone,
How much worst he’d become.

He used every little incident
To turn him into a victim,
Then taking out on her the hurt
From the baggage he carried.

She had tried, the children tried,
But no amount of tolerance,
Understanding, and love,
Freed him of his demons.

Packing her favorite momentous,
Sandals, and all of her clothes,
They’d both already moved on,
Simplifying the transition and letting go.

She owned her own business
Which was doing very well,
And the house she bought to live in
Was in the names of their children.

He was not the least bit pleased
About her moving on with her life,
After his response to her goodbye
Finally he identified the look in her eyes.

It made him suddenly fearful
Of what she now saw in him,
When the monsters of his mind
Overpowered his weaknesses.

He had heard she was happy
And pretended not to care,
Ending up miserable and alone
Like she’d said he’d be for years.

Ria 2016